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Inspired by his immigrant physician mother, who surmounted multiple obstacles in her forty-five year-career, Dr. Friedman worked through a twenty-year battle with depression to realize the life-saving power of committing himself to love, spirit, and service. This story of his personal journey toward wholeness offers thoughtful advice for those who suffer and encouragement for those aspiring to careers in the healing arts. 

Where Spirit Touches Matter: A journey toward wholeness is a book about health, healing, and hope by a physician who has spent more than thirty-five years helping patients find relief from pain and suffering. 

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“Where Spirit Touches Matter” leads the reader to a very different way of seeing disease, wholeness and healing and a different way of seeing themselves and the world. Many people, professionals and patients alike, will find this shift in perspective enriching and empowering .”

Rachel Naomi Remen MD
Professor of Family Medicine

Wright State Boonshoft School of Medicine, Ohio
Author, Kitchen Table Wisdom

"A powerful personal account of healing body, mind, and spirit, told through the exquisite partnership of Judaism and Osteopathy. From disabling illness and his physician-mother's legacy, to spiritual realization and his journey with Osteopathy, Mel Friedman always in service, lays bare his soul as a personal sacrifice, his contribution to the healing of mankind."  

Paul Lee, D.O.

International Teacher and Lecturer, Writer of many articles, including the book, "Interface: Mechanisms of Spirituality in Osteopathy"

"Doctor Melvin Friedman, a man of dignity and humility, has written an autobiography that takes the reader through the many phases of his life as they unfolded. He the wounded healer strives constantly for relief from his suffering, at the same time developing as a student, a physician, a parent, a spiritual person. We meet those who influenced him, teathers, parents, God. His struggles, vulnerability, travels, successes and failures keeps the reader engaged in his processing and growth. His sojourn is generously seasoned with truths, insights, and spiritual lessons leading the reader to reflect upon their own journey. Here Doctor Friedman has succeeded in using his story as a teatching tool."    

Eliott Blackman, D,O,

International Teacher and Lecturer, Writer, Innovator in areas of

Embryological Applications To Osteopathic Technique,

Osteopathic Physician

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